Which Android Game Is Most Popular In World

Many Android games have emerged this day. Some of these games have the best graphics and some have ordinary graphics. Therefore, game development companies are trying to improve the quality of their work to compete with other gaming industries. In this article, I list only the best Android games from thousands of free Android games. The list of all games in an article is not enough. Although for your convenience, I will create this simple list that will help you find the Best Android games.

Android Game

The development of technology makes it possible to play games in several ways, including the best iPhone games with the Android operating system. Android phones became popular in 2008. Since then, the Android game industry is growing rapidly. Its growth is very dynamic and it seems that it does not know the word rest.

There will be many new titles for 2019, which, of course, will always be created to the liking of millennials. Several published games also consist of different genres. From action, role-playing, simulation, adventure, action-adventure, strategy, sports to inactive games. Well, let’s discuss the best recommendations of Android games of each of these genres. Here are the best Android 2019 games that are free for your smartphone.

Real Racing 3:

The sports genre is one of the most coveted genres of players. Because sport is a neutral genre, so you can play at any time. The sports genre itself has four subgenres, namely: racing, sports games, competition and sports combat. Here are the recommendations of the best Android games with the sports genre.

Racing games are divided into two types, namely real races and fiction. Real Race is a racing game that looks like the real world. While the fiction race leads to invented races.

Well, Real Racing 3 includes a car race that looks like the real world. You will feel like you are playing on a race track. Equipped with good graphics, this game is a flagship. You can also choose a point of view of a virtual reality car.

Evolution: Heroes Of Utopia:

This science fiction game takes place in utopia. They will lead the army to fight against many aliens. Collect as many troops as you can to kill all the aliens that have been attacked. You also need to gather technology to upgrade various weapons or armor to strengthen your troops.

Evolution: in the Google Play Store you can get heroes of utopia for free. So far, the game developed by the developer my.Com vb was downloaded by more than one million people. Google users have a rating of 4.6 for this game.

Play The Online Game Killer Of Evil Attack Best Survival:

This game is a genre of action and adventure that combines action and adventure. Players are treated with an interesting story like in adventure games. Agility and agility are still required to complete this game of action and adventure genre.

This game can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. So far, the game has been downloaded from fashion entertainment games by more than 500,000 people. The Killer of evil attack-best survival game is rated 4.0 by the users. Where is the highest rating given for graphics features in this game?

Spooky shouted, continue updating this game to continue to be successful, wrote a Google user named Hartigan good. Although many Google users praise the killer of the evil survival game, there are also those who make criticisms and suggestions.

In the survival game of the evil killer, there is a mission to break the curse of the environment and get rid of the evil demons. In this game, you will act like a hero fleeing a magical murder with bloody powers. If you like horror games with an unexpected twist, try playing this game.

Galaxy Reavers RTS Spacecraft:

This game is a strategy genre where players have to think fast when making decisions. Therefore, a strategy is required before the game begins. Strategy games can be in the form of rounds or in real time. There are many variants of strategy games and, of course, this game is the most competitive compared to other games.


This game is one of the most popular war games on the Google Play Store with the best HD quality. The story of this game, as well as several other clan strategy games, are based on the clan. Where the game starts, you have a specific clan. From the clan, you have to control it to become a strong kingdom.

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