Top 5 Android Games Free For Your Smartphone in 2019

In this day many Android games have emerged. From those games, some of them have the best graphics and some of that have ordinary graphics. So game development companies are trying to improve the quality of their work in order to be able to compete with other gaming industries. In this article, I am listing just “Top 5 Android Games” out of thousands of free android games. Listing all the games in one article is not enough. Although for your convenience I am creating this simple list which will help you in finding the best Android Games.

The development of technology makes playing games accessible in various ways, one of them is through cellphones with the Android operating system. Android phones became popular in 2008. Since then the Android game industry is growing rapidly. Its growth is very dynamic and seems to not know the word rest.

Until 2018 there are many new titles that continue to emerge, of course, following the millennial generation’s tastes. Various games released also consist of various genres. Starting from action, RPG, simulation, adventure, action-adventure, strategy, sport, to idle gaming. Well, let’s discuss the best Android game recommendations from each of these genres. Here is a list of “Top 5 Android Games free for your Smartphone” in 2019

Real Racing 3

Top 5 Android Games

Sports genre is one of the most sought after genres by gamers. Because sport is a genre that is neutral so that it can be played all the time. The sports genre itself has four sub-genres, namely: racing, sports games, competitive, and sport-based fighting. Here are the recommendations of the best Android games with the sports genre.

Racing games are divided into two types, namely real racing, and fiction racing. Real racing is a racing game that looks like it is in the real world. Whereas fiction racing leads to contrived races.

Well, Real Racing 3 includes a car racing game that looks like the real world. You will feel the sensation of playing like you are on a circuit. Equipped with good graphics, making this game a flagship. Moreover, you can choose a point of view from a VR-style car.

This sports genre game was made by developers named Electronic Arts. In the Google Play Store page, games with a memory capacity of 31MB have been downloaded more than 100 million times. No need to doubt the quality, Google users who have played this game give a rating of 4.5 for Real Racing 3.

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Evolution: Heroes of Utopia

Top 5 Android Games

This science fiction-themed game takes place in Utopia. You will lead the army to fight a bunch of aliens. Collect as many troops as possible to kill all the aliens who came to attack. You also have to gather technology to upgrade various weapons or armor so that your troops are stronger.

Evolution: You can get Heroes of Utopia for free on the Google Play Store. Until now the game created by the developer BV has been downloaded by more than one million people. Google users give a rating of 4.6 for this game. “It’s fun but please add the guild,” wrote a Google user named Sudami Labodu.

Killer of Evil Attack-Best Survival Game

Top 5 Android Games

This game is an Action-Adventure genre which is a combination of action and adventure. The gamers will be treated with an interesting storyline as in adventure games. Agility and agility are still needed to complete this action-adventure genre game.

This game can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store. Until now, the game made by Trend Entertainment Games has been downloaded by more than 500,000 people. Killer of Evil Attack-Best Survival Game gets a 4.0 rating from its users. Where the highest rating is given for graphics features in this game.

“Spooky exclaimed, keep increasing this game to continue success,” wrote a Google user named Kartigai Wellen. Although many Google users give praise to the Killer of Evil Attack-Best Survival Game, there are also those who provide criticism and suggestions. “Add the level, how come it’s only eight fun,” wrote Widi Bagoss Det Qyyy.

There is a mission in the Killer of Evil Attack-Best Survival Game, which is to break the curse of the surrounding environment and get rid of evil demons. In this game, you will act as a hero who escapes from a magical murder with bloody powers. If you like horror games with an unexpected twist, try playing this game.

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Galaxy Reavers-Starships RTS

Top 5 Android Games

This game is a strategy genre that requires gamers to think quickly in making decisions. Therefore a strategy is needed before starting the game. Strategy genre games can be in the form of turn-based or real time. There are many variants of strategy games and of course, this game is the most competitive compared to other games.

You will be faced with the Galaxy battle in the universe. Your mission is to fight the Red Terran Cydonia Fleet faction and the United Earth Federation which continues to expand its reach. Win galaxy battles by setting the right strategy.

Galaxy Reavers- Starships RTS is equipped with interesting features, including powerful warships, hundreds of war weapons and equipment for your ship, a crew with unique skills, high-quality 3D graphics.

This game made by Good Games LLC can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store. More than one million people have downloaded this game. Galaxy Reavers- Starships RTS gets a rating of 4.5 from Google users ..

Clash of Clans

top 5 android games

This game is one of the popular war games on the Google Play Store with the best HD quality. The storyline of this game, together with several other clan-based war strategy games. Where the game starts with you have a certain clan. From the clan, you have to control it to become a strong kingdom.

From the “Top 5 Android Games” above, you can choose from challenging war genres as well as exciting games but still relaxed and entertaining. In my spare time, if the game fatigue above can be the right choice if you want to try it. However, remember always to play the game wisely. Don’t forget the time and ignore various activities just because you play games. Have questions about these “Top 5 Android Games“? Ask in a comment.


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