How do I recover my Gmail password without a phone number and email

Want to reset Gmail Password? What if your phone or phone no longer active and recovery email forgot password too? It happened to me some time ago. And inspired to share my experience of getting emails that forgot their passwords again.

Actually the process of recovery  is not so  difficult, but it takes time. There are several possibilities that make this way unsuccessful. If the gmail account is true yours then still password can be returned. But if your account is taken by an unauthorized person and the thief has changed the password and especially made two step security, it is not easy in that case.

Here are the simple steps to Reset Gmail Password :

1. Do not panic

The first step to reset this gmail password is emotional. Usually people who forget something can certainly be unstable and lead to panic. That is understandable because we are imperfect beings. So make sure you’re calm and think positive that your email account can come back.

Also make sure that the email you want to return is your own email. This is not the way to teach someone else’s account. Remember that only your own account is likely to be returned.

Simply just ask to google send a verification code to the phone or confirm access to recovery email.

2. Enter the email address

The second step to reset gmail password is enter the email address on the login page. For the password does not need to be included because we will not reset if the password does not forget. Then click on the Forgot password link ? Below the entry button and wait for the next page to appear.

3. Account help

The third step reset gmail password is the next page on the help account there is a question “Do you remember the password you ever used before? Enter it here. “. Immediately you can click the button I do not know and later will appear next page.

4. Verify to phone

The fourth step reset gmail password is on verification to the phone will appear 2 choices that verify via SMS and phone automatically. Ignore the option, you can directly click the button I can not access the phone under it. Wait for the next page to appear.

5. Confirm to recovery email

The fifth step in resetting the gmail password is confirmation of access via recovery email. This recovery email is usually included when we first start creating a new email account. On the confirmation page access to recovery emails there is only a continue button. Notice the small article under the continue button says “Can not access this recovery option? Verify your identity by answering some questions about your account.

6. Contact information and Questions

The sixth step of resetting the gmail password is you will enter the account assistance stage. You are instructed to enter contact information in the form of an email that can be contacted. Hereinafter there will be several stages which all depends on the answer with you. There will be questions about your gmail account like “When did you create a Google Account?”, When was the last time you were able to sign in to your Google Account? and others. The number of questions given depends on how accurate your answers are. The more accurate the answer will be the faster the process. Yesterday’s experience, I just entered the time to create an account and the last time I signed in.

7. Reset Gmail Password

The seventh step or the last step is to open the email inbox that we entered in the sixth step. You will be sent a link to enter a new password. Then you click the link and enter the new password. And the problem forgot password was resolved.

There are 7 steps to restore gmail account. And keep in mind that this way is just to restore the account itself. In addition, some ways to restore this gmail account sometimes differ from each other. Depending on how much we remember the information that gmail has.

Hopefully this information is useful for you.  Using this method you can return your account. So give it a try. Good luck.

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