How to Promote Websites easily

I have created a website, then how to promote my website? How can I make my website known to many people?How the hell is the way website promotion is easy to do ? This article will answer questions that may often be asked by the web administrator. You certainly have understood the reason why need to create a website and have it. One thing to do after creating a website is to promote it. And here are 7 ways website promotion is easy to do :

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Website Promotion with Social Media

Social media is one of the main activities of people on the internet. I’m sure you already know about Facebook and Twitter, or even have used it. The good news, social media is the right place to do free website promotion. Try sharing your website link with twitter or Facebook . In addition to easy to do, you will get free traffic from followers or your friends.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ever heard of SEO? I think this term is often enough heard by those who run a business online. SEO is an effort to optimize your website to be easily found by search engines. The good news, SEO is FREE and not complicated to do. Start by honing the ability to write articles because one of the biggest points of SEO is there on the content of writing your website. Write a clear and readable article title, then create relevant content with the title, and note also the link between paragraphs in your article. If you have done these 3 things, indirectly you have applied one of the SEO techniques called On Page Optimization.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is the most popular way of internet advertising. SEM is similar to SEO, the difference is you pay ad spots on the search results page. You do need to spend money to run SEM, but it’s cheaper than advertising on radio, print, or television. Usually, people who want to promote their products on the first page of Google will be using SEM with AdWords. Besides the results are much faster than SEO, SEM is also highly measurable and targeted. Please contact an AdWords service provider to try SEM.

If interested in learning SEM, Please read the Easy Online Learning AdWords article at Virtual Academy . Online course providers such as Virtual Academy can make it easier for us to learn AdWords.

Online Discussion Forum

Online discussion forums are a gathering place for people with similar interests. If you are smart enough to choose the right discussion forum, then doing website promotion there is very profitable. Write your website on the signature and actively discuss with a community that seems interested in your website content. Do not be shy to promote occasionally because people will not mind seeing the ads as long as they still suit their interests.

Offline Promotion

Website promotion is not always the way online, do also promotions offline. For example, by using print media. Promotion in the print media here is not just advertising in newspapers or magazines. You can use cheaper print media such as business cards, stickers, brochures, screen printing t-shirts. Use also viral strength, how to tell your website to people you meet. Another example is to create a jacket with the writing of your website behind it that can lure people to access the website through a smartphone.

Website Promotion with Forum

Forums are where people gather and share information about a particular topic. Join forums that are more or less appropriate to the content category of your website.

Some forums even provide special topics for promotions that can be called FJB (Forum Jual Beli). Read carefully the rules provided by the forum and  do not post promotional posts on topics other than FJB topics.

If possible, promote your website by creating your website link in the signature field in your profile on the forum that you follow. This will cause other visitors to see your website promotion or link to every post you make in the forum.

Website promotion using Ads

Ads can be the fastest tool that can be used to bring visitors to the website. Many free advertising services that can be easily found on the internet such as TokoBagus or Berniaga. With diligent update is expected more and more people who know and visit your website.

If you have more funds do paid ads like Google Adwords, install premium ads, or install banners on websites that have been famous. Our advice, do a small test in advance to find out the effectiveness of your ad, if the conversion from the ads into profits perceived quite well, then please continue to advertise, if not then should be stopped only.

Happy Promotion. Thank You.

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