How To Promote Affiliate Products Successfully

In the field of marketing, there is no such thing as affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing terms. An affiliate is a form of marketing that refers other people’s products to potential customers through online media.

When consumers buy products that we recommend, then you as a person who recommends these products will earn sales commissions in accordance with what the owner of the product promised.The amount of commission given per sale. Sales can be different between each seller.How Affiliate Marketing Works

Almost most of the today’s online businesses offer affiliate programs through the internet, One of which is a giant e-commerce company like e-Bay or Amazon. If you have a site that has anything to do with products sold in affiliate programs, you can join them.

After registration, you will get a unique affiliate ID that will be used to reference the product of the affiliate program.

For example, you have a website about fashion, with the target audience are people who want to know information about the fashion world.

If there are visitors who buy fashion products through affiliate links that you post on the web, then you will get a sales commission from affiliate program providers.

The program will benefit all parties. Visitors get the product they want, Business owners gain new customers, and websites referring customers also earn commissions.

How To Promote Affiliate Products On The Web

Online business in the affiliate field is easy to do, but to be successful in marketing affiliate products requires a good ability based on experience and experiments that have been done.

Here I will share about the best ways to promote affiliate products on the web if you want to succeed in this business.

1. Create Review Articles Review

articles are the best way of promoting affiliate products for now. Before buying a product, usually, consumers will try to find out first about the product to be purchased Because they want to be able to buy genuine products that match the cost of purchase.

The Internet can be said to be a favorite medium of choice many people when want to know information about a product.

When a review article introducing a product’s information to visitors impresses them, it is estimated that the visitor’s chances of becoming your affiliate are about 90 percent.

In writing a review, make sure that what you write is really an objective review, not merely a product promotion.

An honest review has a higher conversion rate. However, beforehand you should have a good knowledge of the products reviewed in order to write down the advantages and disadvantages of all products that you review.

2. Writing Articles How-to

Articles how-to is an article that explains the steps and ways to do something.

For example, You have a blog about computer engineering and are writing articles on how to replace broken components on a computer.

You can use the affiliate links you have to recommend the products needed in the process of replacing the damaged computer components.

That way, you can persuade visitors to use your affiliate link to purchase the product.

3. Using Affiliate Banner Ads

Actually, this is an old strategy, but can still be said to work well. The trick is to install banner ads for the promotion of your affiliate products. Can be placed in the sidebar, as well as in the article.

Create an ad banner with an eye-catching image to allow the attention of the visitor to switch to the banner. Make sure also the affiliate products that you promote related to the topic that exists on your web/blog.

However, you should also pay attention to the number of banners installed on the web/blog. Should not be too much, because it will make your web loading to be long and most visitors have started to embarrassed with web-web banner ads display too much.

4. Use Featured Post

Featured post is an article highlighted on the main page of your blog. Widgets like this are likely to attract the attention of visitors.

The show featured post with affiliate links in the article. So when visitors read it they will be hooked to see the affiliate products you are promoting.

5. Use Discounts and Coupons 

Use Discounts and Coupons When you visit a coupon website, you are required to click on a link to open the coupon.

When the link is clicked, it opens a new tab and takes you to the seller’s site, and they will install a cookie on your browser.

So even if potential customers who have visited your website do not buy the product, the website will still get a commission, with the prospect’s record buying the product within 48 hours (although not buying through your web), because the cookie will disappear when it has passed 48 hours.

Well, that’s the fifth best way to promote affiliate products on the web. For Google Adsense publishers there may be wondering whether using affiliate links with Google Adsense ads on the same web will cause problems for his Adsense account.

Actually, it does not matter, just the affiliate links you install should not be too much because Google does not like links for excessive promotions.

Good luck!

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