How to Make Money from Youtube

In this article, I am emphasizing on the opportunities to earn money from the Internet easily through Youtube, namely by becoming a Youtube Partner. Or simply, our own video fitted with an ad by Google, from there then we earn revenue.

In the article, I do not detail step by step how to start a Youtube partner, as I focus more on information and optimization. But in fact, I get a lot of questions about how to start step by step earn money from Youtube this.

Well from that I wrote this article. Below I will explain the steps how to participate as a Youtube partner and soon can make money from Youtube.

But beforehand, let me tell you one thing: Youtube is not a big way to earn money in a fast time.

There are indeed people who are able to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars a month from Youtube, but it is ‘a few lucky ones’, that is an exception, not a custom.

In fact, there are hundreds of millions of Youtube channels around the world, and most of them only earn a few cents a day!

Getting huge amounts of money from Youtube requires a lot of dedication, passion and hard work, which not everyone can do.

I am saying this, certainly not aiming to loosen your spirits, but want you to be realistic, not to be disappointed in the middle of the road, prepare yourself from the beginning to work harder to present videos that are creative, unique, watched and liked by people all over the world!

But, if someone else can, it’s not impossible that you become one of the lucky ones next, do you?

So, keep the spirit, and here’s what you need to do to become a Youtube partner:

1. Create special channels and URLs

If you’ve already created a custom URL for your channel, you can skip this step. If not, create a custom URL address, as your channel address. This is to facilitate the next step. How:

  • Click the profile photo on the top right corner of the page. Then click Youtube Settings.
  • You will go to the Youtube Settings page. In the Overview section, if you’ve already created a custom url, it will look like this:
  • Click Advanced below the email address. Later you’ll be taken to the Channel settings page, with a channel address that looks like this: You notice your channel address a long unreadable code sequence. Therefore you need to change it. Click the Create custom URL link at the end of the long address above. Will get the form below:
  • Type your channel name as you wish. The name can only be letters and numbers, there should be no spaces. If so, then your channel address becomes more concise, for example like  Better than the long address as above is not it?

Keep in mind, with a single Google account, you can create many custom channels on Youtube. Let’s say you create one channel for news category, one for music and more. Up to you. For each channel, you can then create a specific URL address of each. The way is the same as the above steps.

As for how to create a new channel, on the Overview page, in the Additional features section, click Create a new channel. You will get a form like this:

Name it as you see fit, select the appropriate category for the video you want to upload later. There are several options:

  • Product or Brand
  • Company, Institution, or Organization
  • Arts, Entertainment, Sports
  • Others

Set the age limit for the content in question, All users, 18+ years, 21 years or above, or Alcohol related content. Check Agree Pages Terms, then click Finish.

My suggestion, if your video has content with different categories, in terms of content type, or in terms of age, we suggest you create a new channel. Do not mix into one. This will make your channel perform better.

To switch between channels, just click the profile photo, click Switch account, and choose which channel you want to enable. Or you can click All my channels, to show all the channels you have.

2. Enable channel monetization

Okay, now you have your channel and have been given a more concise special URL address. I assume you’ve uploaded one or two videos to your channel. The next step is to activate after monetization on your channel, ie, in other words, we allow Google to show ads on videos we have.

  • Go to the Dashboard >> Channel >> Feature page.
  • Click Enable My Account. Later opens a fairly long page of Agreement (read all please, not also nothing, hehe …). Just tick all, sign you agree, then click the I agree with a button. After that comes the choice of ad formats that will be displayed.
  • Here, you decide what type of ads will show up later. The overlay ads in the video are in the form of elongated ads that will appear at the bottom of your video, which when clicked will earn you a fee. While True-view Ads option in the stream is an ad video that will play automatically before your video is watched. You can choose one, can also choose both. If you already click the Monetize button. Well, now your channel is enabled for monetization and you are now a Youtube Partner.
  • This type of ad selection, you can customize or change later. Make sure you monitor your earnings performance until you find the type of ad that best matches your own video.Usually, a tutorial ad, a product, a company is better suited for an Overlay type, while an entertainment video is more suitable for True-view video types. This is related to audience behavior that is different from the respective video types.

Up here, if you previously already have some video, then automatically the video will be monetized, after review in a short time, then you have started collecting the coffers of income from Youtube.

You can also choose which videos you want to monetize yourself.

Go to the video >> Upload page . Check which videos you want monetized, click Action and continue to select monetization. Or it could also directly click the small $ logo to the right of the video in question.

The sign that a video has been approved for monetization is that $ logo turns green as it appears in the picture above.

Update:  Now the $ logo turns blue.

3. Receive payment

If all the above steps you have done, then you directly collect income. And it’s time now you get paid.

Please note, in order to receive revenue payments from Youtube, you need an Adsense account associated with a Youtube account. So, you have to create an Adsense account at a certain point.

Google will not prompt you to create an Adsense account immediately unless your earnings are close to the payment threshold of $ 100. Even if you do not have an Adsense account, your earnings will continue to be counted and stored.

As long as you have not linked an Adsense account yet, the earnings report has not yet appeared on the Analytics page. So, as an animator, you can immediately create an Adsense account and then linked with your Youtube account.

Explanation how to get Adsense account, you can read on Google Support page. However, it’s good I explain also here.

  • Go back to the Channel Settings page as in the second step above. You notice, after enabling channel monetization, on the Channel Settings page comes to a new sub-menu Monetize.
  • In the How do I get paid section, click the link linking an Adsense account (see picture above). You will be taken to the notification page that you will associate your Adsense account, click the Next button.
  • Next, you will be transferred to Google Adsense page. If you want to use the same email address used for Youtube, click the Yes button, use [your email address].
  • You go to step two. Here is just a confirmation to confirm your Youtube channel address. Click Continue.
  • Go to step three. Complete all forms correctly and completely. Thoroughly once more before pressing Send my application button.

After this, you will be re-routed to Youtube. Wait some time, then you already have an Adsense account linked to your Youtube channel. Done. Now you can see earnings from day to day.

Is the task complete and I will earn money from Youtube?

Hmm … until here you just started. The next task (the hardest) is how to make your videos popular, watched as much as possible. The more people watch, the more your revenue opportunity will be.

Unfortunately, there is no precise formula how to make our video famous and popular. However, at least we know some of the things that make our videos searched, watched and liked.

Here are 3 basic tips that can help you:

1. Make something unique

Original, original, other than others. You will not be a ‘star’ who makes a lot of money from Youtube by copying and copying other people’s content. It’s possible that you get a jump in earnings by following a momentary trend that is booming, but remembers it’s only a moment. Not long. In a long time, it will not work.

2. Make 10 – 15 seconds initial video as attractive as possible

This is a crucial time, whether people will continue to watch or stop there and then open another video. Make people hang on to watch your videos until they’re done.

3. Provide new videos regularly

This is the target you should accomplish. The more subscribers to your channel, the more chances of getting great results from Youtube.

To attract customers, you need to have new content on a regular basis. Having 5 videos, it feels very heavy can make money from Youtube in a decent amount. Keep creating, create useful videos, interesting to share, and serve your customers!

Well, that’s the stages you need to do to enjoy the revenue from Youtube, along with a few tips to maximize revenue.

If you have questions, other tips or experience, please post and share via comments.

If you find this article useful, share it with a friend.

If you already understand, do it immediately.

If you’re tired of reading, take a break.

Success for all of us.


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