How to Set screenshots on Steam Simple Way

When playing a game on Steam sometimes we want to capture certain memorable moments. You can use the print screen to take screenshots but it’s hard not to do the Paste to Microsoft Paint process every time you take a screenshot. But you can use a better way to use the internal Steam screenshot feature.

Why is it better to use the Steam screenshot tool? In short, because of the support provided by Steam to make it easier to take screenshots and manage the results. To use the Steam screenshot feature in the game is to press the F12 key, the screenshot image will automatically be saved in the specified folder.

Set the shortcut button and location of the screenshot storage folder

Both of these screenshot settings are located in the same section, to access them, open the Steam application first.

Set screenshots on Steam

Click Settings and select the IN-GAME tab.

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Set screenshots on Steam

You can change the shortcut button for screenshots here, the default button is F12. Further settings for what happens when you press the screenshot button are as follows:

  • Set whether a message appears shortly after taking a screenshot.
  • Play sounds when pressing the screenshot button.
  • Save images without compression outside Steam.

Steam by default store the pictures in the folder SteamApps, for example: C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\<your username>\counter-strike\cstrike. By checking this option you can change its location. Besides that Steam saves screenshots in a lossy JPEG format, by activating this option the image with original resolution and quality will be used as the format. So you can use it as a source of a good image or photo editing.

While setting the screenshot image storage location is located right below it, you can choose the folder where the images and photos are stored screenshot.

Set screenshots on Steam

Steam Cloud Settings for screenshots

There are 2 settings for Steam Cloud now, the first is to synchronize games that support Steam Cloud capabilities. This synchronization is usually a saved game backed up to the internet, so you can secure the stage of your game.

The second option is to open Screenshot Uploader after finishing playing the game and if you have taken screenshots in the game.

Set screenshots on Steam

An alternative way to access screenshot uploader is with the View menu> Screenshots. The screenshots will be divided based on the name of the game, so you won’t have trouble finding specific screenshots of the game you are playing.

Set screenshots on Steam

Oh yes, the capacity provided by Steam to save screenshots is 1GB. Enough for thousands of images and you can give access to the public or just enjoy yourself.

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