How to Play Pc Games on Android with RemotR

If you are gamers and can’t separate from your favorite PC game, then this application must be installed on your Android. By using this application, you can Play PC games on Android smartphone! The cool thing is, the look and control of the game are really like you play on a PC.

play PC games on Android

Over time, there are a lot of people who like to play games on their smartphones today as compared to playing on a PC. Of course, games on PC and games on Android are very different. Even though the games on Android start to be good and fun but still basically games on PC remains number one as the best cool game.

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In this post, I will share a little tutorial on how to play almost all pc games with the Remotr application. Also, how does this remote application work? This application uses a streaming system where your Desktop display is streamed in real time to your Android device.


So in other words, your Android device becomes a remote control for your desktop, so you have to use a PC or laptop to be able to play PC games on your android.

Here are the steps to play PC games on your Android:

  • First, you have to download the Application and RemotR Software that you can download in the play store and official website
  • install both applications on your android and pc
  • Then open the Remote Application on your Android and login

play PC games on Android

  • After logging in on your Android, open the Remotr software on your PC and then log in with the same account if needed, if you already have a window like this will appear.

play PC games on Android

  • Click ADD GAME
  • Select the game to be played

play PC games on Android

  • Click ADD GAME
  • And the game appears on the initial menu like this

play PC games on Android

  • Reopen the remote application on your android and make sure your Android Connect to your PC

  • if it’s already connected then you will see a notification on your Desktop
  • On remote PC Select the game to be played and click on the game
  • Then a loading page will appear on the remote application on your Android like this
  • Wait 15 seconds if you have edited the control on your Android by clicking on the remote logo on the top left

play PC games on Android

  • If you have set the control, the game can start

play PC games on Android

play PC games on Android

  • Actually, almost all games running on your PC can be played with this remote application and I use the Killing Floor game (Understandably I use a Low Spec Laptop)

          I congratulate you for being able to play PC games on Android the way above, even though it looks a little strange and I’m sure all of you aren’t used to playing PC games on Android, but this method is not as cool as it is by playing games on PC.

I have tried this method on an Asus laptop and the Xiaumi Note 3 cellphone thank God until now it is smooth and has no lag at all, this method cannot be done on the MAC or iPhone, I am very sorry if there is time I will make the article how to play the game on the iPhone.


  1. Do this method carefully and thoroughly.
  2. Make sure your PC and Android are on the same network “WIFI”
  3. If a lag occurs it occurs because the specifications do not support.
  4. If a long delay occurs it is caused by an unstable Network Connection.
  5. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please fill in the comments column below!


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