How to Play Android Games on PC or Laptop Using the Emulator

Playing  Android games on PC nowadays is possible. Over time, there are a lot of people who like to play games on their smartphones today compared to playing dipc. Of course, games on PC and games on Android are very different, even though the games on Android start to be good and fun but still basically games on PC remains number one as the best console game.

For those of you who like to play dipc games, but you are still too busy and may not have much time to allow playing games on PC, take it easy this time I as the admin of this simple blog will share a tip so you can play your pc games without having to fear of losing a lot of time or being tired of sitting in front of a monitor.

To be able to play Android games on PC it turns out that the method is very easy, users can simply download one of the Android emulators below and can directly play the game.

Following are the 6 best android emulators for PC:

1. BlueStacks


When talking about Android emulators, it is certain that BlueStack is one of the best. All features and updates that exist on BlueStacks certainly make the program’s performance to be increased. Users can also install this program using two options such as installing online and offline.

But many users say that BlueStacks is heavy enough to be installed on low-end PC devices. Because to be able to run this operation, at least your computer or PC must have at least 2 GB of RAM.

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In addition, BlueStacks can certainly have a variety of complete features such as resolutions that can adjust automatically, support multitasking, and have built-in functions for things like vibrations and location settings which are certainly very much needed for gamers.

  • Bluestacks can be downloaded officially and for free through the official website, or CLICK HERE.

2. Nox Player

Android Games

Nox is also one of the Android emulators that can be used as a replacement for BlueStacks because this application is believed to tend to be lighter than BlueStacks. As for the features, Nox allows users to add special utilities and devices which of course can facilitate playing games using the keyboard and mouse. Minimalist appearance and distinctive features also helped make Nox favored by gamers.

3. Leapdroid

Android Games

As a newcomer, the great thing about Leapdroid is that it has been able to steal the views of gamers and is indeed worth trying. Leapdroid has advantages that may not be obtained from other emulators, which are equipped with various tweaks and optimizations so that they are able to run the game smoothly without obstacles. Another useful thing from Leapdroid to help users is that it is equipped with side-by-side features, which allow users to run two games at once in one view. Leapdroid also guarantees that they support more than 98% of applications and they also have a fairly active development team.

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4. Andy

Andy is one of the best Android emulators that has the advantage of supporting the full Android interface and even users can create a smartphone as a controller by connecting it using a Bluetooth connection or Wi-Fi. That will certainly strengthen the user in playing the game.

5. Droid4x

As with Andy’s emulator, Droid4x also provides features that can make smartphones become controllers when playing games. This feature turned out to make this one application attracted many users, so it is not wrong if we enter Droid4x in one of the best android emulators.

6. Genymotion

Android Games

Genymotion is an android emulator application that allows users to play games very lightly so that low-end computer owners can be advised to use this emulator. In addition, Genymotion also provides a feature for developers to test applications or games on a variety of devices even though they don’t really have the device.

A little note from me

One day before I publish this article, I have tried 6 android emulators on the same day namely Bluestack, Genymotion, NOX and Leapdroid. The features offered by Bluestack are quite complete compared to the other three emulators. But, using Bluestack takes up a lot of resources, so suppose you use Bluestack and other programs simultaneously (multitasking), you will definitely feel the lag.

You need to know, some games also do not work well with Memu, as well as the three other emulators, there are some games that also do not run well or even crash .

Whereas Bluestack and NOX are actually pretty good, but these two emulators are heavier. All my opinions regarding these four emulators may not be entirely correct. It could be that A users are more suitable to use Bluestack or B users are more suitable to use NOX, other names are suitable.

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