How to Make 1000 Dollars a Day by Smartphone

Along with the times, more and more types of work are available. Perhaps the multiplicity of needs, the more creative human beings create ways to earn income. Moreover, supported by advanced technology that can be obtained at a friendly price for all layers. Including a smartphone that you always carry everywhere.

During this time the stigma of people is always uniform, that spending a lot of time in front of a Smartphone is a waste of time and a sign of unproductive. In fact, besides being able to phone, SMS, chat, play games, play social media to search for a chat or play ex-activities, your Smartphone can make money. With 7 ways that Hipwee will discuss this, even though it can’t be used as a monthly income, it’s not bad for adding pocket money.

How to Make 1000 Dollars a Day by Smartphone
How to Make 1000 Dollars a Day by Smartphone

1. Online shops being a Drop shipper is a smart solution for those of you who only have Smartphone capital

Online shops are very common in India nowadays and in the world. Starting from small sellers whose offices are at home, to large companies engaged in online mall fields, everything is just mushrooming. Making money through an online shop does indeed promise that the capital needed is not large, but can reap huge profits. For you who only have Smartphone capital, you can become a Drop shipper, that is, someone who sells other people’s goods. The system, you promote the merchandise of others to the network that you have. If anyone is interested, you contact the supplier of goods and ask him to send to the address in question. With drop shipper, you don’t even need to spend capital money first, other than to buy credit.

2. Being a buzzer you can earn millions of money just with your favorite Smartphone

For those of you who can spend hours wandering on social media, becoming a buzzer is a promising choice. A buzzer is a person who can throw a topic of conversation or an issue on social media, so it affects the community. The buzzer can also mean someone who is in charge of sending a message to his followers about something. But of course, you have to have thousands of millions of followers. And to get that many followers, you certainly have to create interesting and distinctive social media content. If you want a shortcut, you can buy followers from promos that have been widely circulated. Hehe. A buzzer can make millions of profits once throwing an issue. The more followers you have, the more you are considered influential, so, the more money you will make.

3. Diligently playing  Android online games to get a high level, then sell to those in need. Not bad right?

This one is specifically for maniacs playing games. Maybe you who have been cut off by a boyfriend because they are too concerned about games than your boyfriend can entertain themselves this way. Some commercially available games such as Clash of Titans and Pokémon Go, you can make a source of income. The trick, you have to be diligent in playing until you get a high level. After your level is high, just sell your account to someone who is obsessed with that level of the game. After that, you can create a new account and sell it again when it is successful. Exciting isn’t it? Not only because you are happy to be able to play games only, but also because you are paid for it.

4. In Market glory online game, you can exchange virtual money with real money. At the same time studying constitutionality. Are you sure you don’t want to try?

This Market Glory game was booming last year. Simply put, Market Glory is an economic, political, social, and military simulation game of a country, whose transactions use virtual money. In this game, you can build schools, organizations, run companies and form military devices. In essence, you will be invited to be a good statesman here. You are required to fight and work to get money, which you can then use to buy newspapers, milk, and even make a company. Well, unique, the virtual money that you have can be exchanged for real money. The more virtual money or your activities there, you will get energy points. Well, these energy points that you can exchange with dollars.

5. Download and open the application can you get money? That is not impossible. At Whaff Rewards you can add to the coffers of wealth with only a large memory Android capital

Whaff Rewards is an application that provides other applications. Uniquely, every time you download an application at Whaff, you will be paid. Fee downloads for each application are different, but an average of $ 0.3 per application. If after downloading you don’t immediately uninstall it, you will also get it again. Likewise, if you routinely use the application that you have downloaded, you will also be paid again depending on how many times you are active in the application every day. Let’s say every application you bring is $ 0.5. When you download12 applications, you have got $ 6. And if every day you open each application twice, how many dollars have you made? This Whaff Reward has proven to be a field of money that you can use. What is less fun? You download for free, play beautiful games, then get paid.

How to Make 1000 Dollars a Day by Smartphone
How to Make 1000 Dollars a Day by Smartphone

6. Do you know that diligent exercise can make ‘rich’? With the GymPact application, you can get money while being physically fit

Gympact is a smart solution for you who are lazy in sports. If you diligently exercise and live a healthy life you can get money, still, want to be lazy? Well, at Gympact, you will get money if you target the gym and can achieve it. Every work out activity that you do will give you money. Uniquely, you must be diligent and routine to follow the schedule that you have made yourself. If you are lazy and work out is hollow and can’t reach the target, you will be charged a fee. The fees you pay because of lazy sports will later be used to pay for those who are diligent in working out. Because this is an international application, the payment is made via PayPal. Exclaimed right? Already healthy and fit, get more money!

7. You who have a hobby of photography, just sell your Smartphone photos online. From a hobby it can be pocket money, it’s not bad.

To become a professional photographer, you don’t have to have a camera that costs millions. You can use the camera on your Smartphone. Moreover, currently, the camera on the Smartphone is also sufficient enough to take pictures of both artsy and selfie ones. If you have photography hobbies, you can hone your photography skills, produce lots of good photos with a Smartphone camera, then sell them at A fee that you get is calculated per- download of the pictures you show off. Instead of just uploading on Instagram and just getting love? Honey baby

Many things you can do with your favorite Smartphone. Instead of just stalking the former which leads to turmoil, it’s better to use things that are useful and can bring money. Besides your time in front of your Smartphone is not wasted, it’s pretty good to be able to get a credit replacement. What do you get for the former stalking? Most heartache, p

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