How to Increase the Performance of an Android Smartphone

Feeling there is a change in the speed of your Android Smartphone? Do not panic, the decrease in the performance of Android smartphones is not always concluded broken. Android is a modern operating system, so it is more complex, requires treatment and extra care ” to Increase the Performance of an Android Smartphone “. Well, here are tips on improving the performance of sluggish Android smartphone speeds.

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Install the Light Version Application (Lite)

It is impossible for everyone to upgrade the hardware device on the smartphone. But when the smartphone’s performance decreases, it might be better if you are wise to choose a more friendly version of the application. Fortunately, there are now many light versions or lite’s that are designed to deal with this kind of thing. Some lightweight versions of applications that you can use include:

  1. Facebook Lite
  2. Messenger Lite
  3. Twitter Lite
  4. Line Lite
  5. Shazam Lite
  6. PhotoGrid Lite
  7. Camera 360 Lite
  8. Clean Master Lite

Stop the Application Process Behind the Screen

Some Android devices have excellent multitasking capabilities, but of course, the capabilities of the device have limits, however expensive. On Android, most applications have access permission to walk behind the scenes or refuse to stop even if you have closed the application.

As a result, the device is forced to process all commands at the same time, even sometimes with new commands coming from users when opening a new application or game. The solution, install the task killer application which serves to turn off all applications that are running behind the scenes.

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Here are some suggestions for the task killer application that you can try:

  1. Task Manager – Free
  2. Super Task Killer – Free
  3. Go Cleaner & Task Manager – Free
  4. Task Manager – Free
  5. Simple Task Killer – Free

Move Large Data to External Memory 

The internal memory capacity of an Android device is different depending on the class. Even so, data allocation is very important because if the internal memory carries too much burden it can cause the device to run very slowly. For that, try to move some data such as music, photos, videos and large applications to external memory.

Then to speed up the performance of Android smartphones, use Class 10 external memory. It’s more expensive but compared to its performance.

Turn off the Auto-rotate feature

This auto-rotate feature allows us to get the screen orientation according to the position of the device automatically. Usually, Android users always activate this feature, but the impact actually makes the device work harder.

Uninstall applications or games that are not important

How to speed up the performance of the next Android smartphone can by uninstalling applications or games that are not important, for example, the Chrome application. Just turn it off if you already have Opera Mini. Or vice versa.

Then disable the default application that is also never used, please tap the menu – Settings – App and scroll to the All section, there you will find a list of all applications on your device. Choose the one that is never used and tap Disable. But be careful, don’t let the system support application turn off. Do it only if you feel confident that it will not damage the device software.

Reduce the number of widgets on the Home Screen

You should know that Widgets are not vital applications, but only additional elements supporting the application that we can delete without affecting the application. When activated the widget continues behind the screen, so it consumes a lot of RAM resources. The result is the device feels slower. For that reduce or avoid using widgets excessively.

Avoid Use of Live Wallpaper

Facebook Lite

Live wallpaper is beautiful, but because this feature keeps moving, it keeps the device CPU working continuously. Besides that, live wallpaper is also wasteful of batteries.

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Use a Simple Launcher

Default launchers are usually designed to provide the best performance on the device. It’s just that some people don’t like the monotonous design. The solution, install a third-party launcher application but make sure the launcher has a low file capacity and does not overload the device.

These are some tips to improve the performance of Android smartphones, please practice and increase the Performance of Your Android Smartphone.

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