How To Get Quality Back links For Blogs

Maybe for those of us who have started to be aware with the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) must have heard the term back link, What is back link? And how to get back links? If that becomes your big question, you are LUCKY !! Because on this occasion I will divulge a little secret from our SEO team, curious right? Let’s just look at the information. What is Back link? Back link is a term used to mention links from other websites that lead to our website, what is the function of the back link itself? In the SEO world the function of back links is very much, in addition to being the ranking factor of Google, back links are also used to improve the credibility of a website. That is why back links become a very important thing in the world of SEO.

How To Get Quality Back links For Free?

Many ways can be done to get back links, but we also must be careful in collecting back links because if we get back links from websites whose content contains spam our website will also be regarded as a website that is spamming by Google, therefore we will explain some ways collect quality back links that are healthy and free.

Create Content that contains Important Information for Multiple People:

The most we can do is create content that is useful for many people, the more useful our content for the user will be the more number of back links that we will get. Why did it happen? Because the reader will feel free to do sharing if our content is considered useful by them.

Try By Writing Guest Post Articles On Another Website:

Sometimes we need to do guest post activity on a more crowded website from our website, just to market our content and also get a back link from the website. In doing guest post there are things that should be remembered we should not insert too many back links in our post, and also should not use the content that is not original because if you do that your website will even be stamped as a spamming website.

Try Doing Blog Walking What is blog walking it?

Blog walking is an activity where we visit blogs that have been pretty popular and also leave a comment on the blog. To do blog walking is somewhat easier when compared with guest posts, but blog walking has a weakness of the links obtained are no-follow. There are 2 types of links we need to know the first no-follow and the second do-follow what’s the difference? Later we will give the answer in the sub subtitle. Take advantage of Social Bookmarking Website Perhaps many of us are still confused what the heck social bookmarking website it? Do not be confused we will explain it to you, social bookmarking website is a website used to store links or sharing links from a website. What is the function of social bookmarking this? Its function in addition to getting a back link social sites .This can also help to spread the link from our website to the crowd. Difference Between Do-follow and No-follow Back links Do-follow back links, and no-follow back links what’s that? What’s the difference? Maybe the question immediately comes to your mind when you hear the word do-follow and no-follow back links, just go to the explanation do-follow back link is a back link that signals to Google crawler to crawl on the back link and provide value from the website where the back link to our website. While no-follow back links are back links that will not be crawled by Google, and do not provide value anything, continue ngapain we look for no-follow back link? It must be a thought that appears dibenak us, do not be wrong back link no-follow can also be a factor that determines Google appraisal why? Because a website that only has a do-follow back link alone will make Google very, very suspicious of our website why? Because the natural back link is a back link that has a balanced composition between the number of do-follow back links and no-follow SEO experts usually use the formula 95% do-follow – 5% no-follow.

What To Look For When We Are Looking For Back links?

Search no search origin because there are rules that are very important to obey in looking for back links following the rules that can help you collect quality back links: Do not spam (get lots of back links in 1 day),Leave a good comment if you are running blog walking practice,Do not use duplicate content to collect back links.Limit the use of social bookmarking websites,Pay attention to the spam score of the website that gives to us, andNotice the Domain authority and Page authority website that provide links to us.Quite a lot of information that we can convey to you, good luck and hopefully be successful in implementing it. And remember if you are looking for website development services Bandung and also SEO Services Bandung, Website Solutions Bandung is the solution.


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