How to get Google AdSense Approval Fast

Not a few applicants who apply as a partner with AdSense publishers and got rejected. This has become a topic and most frequently discussed . All sorts of reference was searched and searched presumably can be the most appropriate answer and may be applied to hope that the tips were distributed already true. As a result, not just tips it becomes a way out of this problem, seemed a puzzle that must be found to answer, a puzzle that is reasonable from a bit of text that is the content is not adequate.

It is impossible for something to happen if there is no reason to reject, I think you will also agree with that. As well as why the AdSense reject you, by saying  inadequate content? Your  email inbox received most frequently reported rejection points that your content is not adequate. The answer to only one root of this problem is the most appropriate response,  whether the problem is in the article, whether as a template like  or menu supporters privacy policy, disclaimer and so on? all it could and not because of it.

The reasons for rejecting your google AdSense :

In this article tried to cover troubleshooting tips that we must do in order to get the approval email / approve of the Adsense. After applying this tips I immediately agreed and get a non-hosted accounts that became the target of the bloggers.

1. Your articles are not original

Note that the originality of an article to be one of the determining factors. google adsense to place its ads not to duplicate article, you might just say, I write instead of copy and paste. It was fine but if you do a rewrite?  Because there are a lot of people do a rewrite because the lack of ideas to find materials to make articles. When you are re-writing an article it should be unique from all sort.

2. Create unique and interesting Articles

Definition of the articles are unique and interesting that your article does not mean the article more widely discussed or another term trending topics, google always willing to serve something new and , if you create an article that actually stale it  means your content is not interesting.

Unique article in question is a new article in which the discussion that you are publicizing. Outline recent article with value uniqueness can be attributed above average. Okay if your are writing trending topics then  use your style and accent, how so someone who reads it will continue to complete the reading until the end. so the value of the adsense ads will appear long.

3. Structuring the language of the article

As it was then I said, visitors will not come from our country alone but someone from another country could come to visit, to facilitate them, here we are obliged to provide special navigation. Well this one of the subjects that difficult to digest by some people. Navigation is not the only button menu button! note .. that navigation is needed at this point is the inventor of the language if translated could be worth a good translation so a visitor from outside can come back. examples of language that is often wrong when typed  but this is only my opinion, and just a suggestion only.

4. Article too short

The longer the more valuable a good article in the eyes of the search engines. we can further explain or provide a complete solution with when making a long article, will be more mutual than a short article. maybe when you make a tutorial article on “how to make an ashtray” very easy and if the visitors apply it is true, but when you make it longer you can explain in a more complete understanding of what was the ashtray through your article that explains what the ashtray (formula = article + internal link = page view = ad will appear longer) articles in this blog are only partially 800an number of characters, the rest of 1500 and above and some even more than 2000 characters. I edited one by one for longer, make more navigating to penunjung, create a new more informative afterwards I try to get back to the list of adsense. language in the email ” for our specialists to conduct a review and our crawlers to determine the theme of your page

5 . Template

Does the rejection email was never any suggestion do not use this template and that template? There are rumors recommends using the default template blogger, there also are advised not to use a template auto read more, I do not think so and that any evidence I disapprove using different templates. There is only the language “do not apply while your site is still in beta or stage an” under construction “” means do not often edit edit template at any time .Use review template is light and bright and has a structured data.

6. Images, video, animation, flash

“Make sure your pages contain sufficient text – websites whose contents mostly images, videos or Flash animations will not be approved.” You get the point? video files, images, animations and flash all are under quotas and will make blogs so heavy. Why a blog that contains the file is definitely not approved for adsense ads is a java script. ads will not appear sooner because of interference referred file, the visitors would prefer to close the pages instead wants to finish reading. My advice do not use a flash widget, as the visitor couter.

7. Policies, profile, contact us, Privacy policy

On your blog does not have the policy data such as about us, menu privacy policy, disclaimer and contact form. When I first turned down the menu does not exist on this blog, I immediately accepted and approved fully by the adsense when I have completed the policy navigation menu on this blog. browse pages on the policy menu does not need to speak English except the police because of its privacy menu is international.

8. The ad code at time of review

You do not put the ad script review in accordance with the request of the ad-sense. I cite the important sentences in the e-mail rejection ” Place the ad code on a live page of your website. Code these ads should not be placed on the main page, but test pages that are empty except for the Ad-Sense ad code will not be approved .”

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