How to Install Blogger Template For Free

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To install a template on blogs with different blogger platforms is easier than installing templates on WordPress. When I was installing for the first time the template on this blog I was confused because it is completely different from what I often do on WordPress. Although quite easy it seems the install template feature on blogger less wearing in my opinion. This is because it will be easier to understand if there is a button, menu or page install template for example.

We just follow how to install templates on blogger in accordance with the menu that has been provided and if we have basic HTML and CSS expertise it will be better because it is easier when making improvements after installing the template later.

Here’s how to install templates on Blogger / Blogspot:

Video Guide Step By Step


1. Download the template XML file

Previously we have to find the appropriate template with our blog. We can search on Google with keywords Blogger Templates or Blogspot Templates. Can add keywords such as free, free, SEO friendly, responsive and others. After you meet try first using the link DEMO that has been provided. Once sure can be downloaded.

We need a file with an XML extension to install the theme.So we must be extracted first to obtain XML file.

2. Install Templates on Blogger

To be able to install the template we have to log in to Blogger dashboard first. Then follow the following process to install the template from the XML file we have downloaded earlier:

  • Click the Template menu on the left.
  • Click Backup / Restore existing on the top right. If using English means display Backup / Restore.
  • If you want to backup first (recommended to restore if the template that we install problematic), please click Download Full Template.
  • To install the template please click Choose File then navigate to the XML file that has been downloaded earlier.
  • Click Upload to continue the process of installing templates, wait a few moments to upload template process.

  • Once done can be continued by editing the template manually via HTML edit feature.

How easy to install templates on Blogger, is not it?But the difficulty and make a headache usually when adjusting the code when editing HTML. so please experiment yourself to get a good view for our beloved blog.

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