8 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks For High SEO

High-quality backlinks are needed to increase the power of the website so that the keywords that we seek can occupy one page of Google. Then, how about the characteristics of good and quality backlinks in the eyes of Google? In this article, I will discuss everything you need to build quality link building.

8 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks For High SEO

Backlink quality is positive feedback given by other websites to our website because it has good contents and not infrequently also for taking pictures sourced from our own web. You can get it by hiring SEO backlink services.

To get a free Quality backlink, you must have certain conditions such as:

  • Quality content
  • Have a good and original image
  • The guide is clear and not fragmented
  • Frequently interact with visitors
  • Visitors get what they want
  • And lastly is a good web view

If visitor satisfaction is fulfilled, which means that what is sought can be found on our blog, then automatically, our blog/web becomes their reference source. If a blog/web becomes a reference, of course, they will provide positive feedback on our website, whether in the form of Dofollow or Nofollow links.

Characteristics of Quality Links and how to get backlinks

If you want to build quality backlinks, then you must first recognize the characteristics. Many websites do not have good quality criteria to be a source of backlinks, including because of things:

  1. Has a lot of outbound link (OBL)
  2. Do not have visitors
  3. Spam Website
  4. Not relevant to our website
  5. Very few articles
  6. Complete discussion

Then, what will happen if the website gets a backlink from an unknown source?

If you get backlinks from unknown sources, then immediately discover on Google Webmaster or use premium tools to delete/block the backlink trace. If not done immediately, then the following are the impacts that will occur on our website:

  • Lost ranking
  • Deindex
  • Pinalty
  • Sandbox
  • Blogs are not recognized by search engines
  • Robots do not crawl websites
  • Visitors will decrease

The characteristics of quality backlinks are as follows:

  1. Has Alexa under 1 million
  2. Has keywords that are relevant to our web/blog
  3. Have many articles
  4. Bit Outlink
  5. Website authority with high Thrust Flow
  6. News website or education

Getting a backlink is actually easy, especially if talking about quality and free. Actually, there are several ways you can get and build backlinks for free easily including the following:

Create quality content

Content or articles are very important to make in order to get the best position in the search engine. This is certainly influential because the level of visitor satisfaction will also increase. I’ve discussed quality content that really helps you to increase keywords and visitors. Besides being able to provide the best position, it turns out that a good article also invites other blog owners to backlink our site.

Nice picture

If you want to make free backlinks from large websites, then make good pictures. Good pictures will attract attention to large sites such as tweets, seconds, compasses and others. If they take or insert our images in their articles, then our website will be a source of images.

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Have Many Friends Fellow Professionals on social media

8 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks For High SEO

It is important for those of you who are struggling in the world of internet marketing. Having friends who are also looking for money from the internet will provide free backlinks for our website, especially if our website is heavy. Then they will automatically provide free resources. There are a lot of friends who are involved in this IM world. In addition, you will become their benchmark for referencing learning SEO websites . Especially if your website can be on a Pageone, surely they are proud to have friends like you.

Exchange backlinks

This is still a controversy, he said there are those who call if exchanging links, then the website will be indicated by spam in the new Google algorithm era. However, there are also those who call this not a serious problem. Exchange of backlinks among fellow websites is not really a problem, but what needs to be considered is the placement. Don’t place a friend link in the sidebar. Preferably, put the friend’s link on a blog post or article. Look at some of the backlink SEO services that provide the right and good link placement.


Usually, people search for backlinks by Blogwalking. Blogwalking is an activity carried out by bloggers or site owners to visit several websites of a friend or unknown person, then do a question in an article accompanied by entering their website through the comments column. This is not very effective now, because our links will be considered Nofollow. But, there’s nothing wrong with trying to add backlinks to our site.

Comment on the Forum

This is often done, it will be fatal for the development of your website. Therefore, I suggest that you all do this activity often. Usually, these links will be a source of spam for your website.

8 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks For High SEO

List of forums that can be commented on:

  • Second forum
  • Compass forum
  • Viva forum
  • Forum coverage 6
  • Forum Merdeka
  • Max Monroe Forum
  • etc

SEO experts often do this, this was actually very effective a few years ago. However, the more you come here, the less good it seems. In addition, Google also always updates their algorithms so that the website is affected by how to get this backlink.

On the First Page of the Search Engine

If your website is on the first page of a search engine, then your website will automatically be included in a large directory. Getting links from this directory is very difficult, as far as I know, if the website again has Alexa rank below 1 million, it will automatically enter the following month. Therefore, you have to keep fighting so you can on the best pages of search engines.

If you don’t want to be bothered, I suggest that you use a few additional services for visitors to make it easier for your website to enter in the best order.

Offer to large websites

The offer here is intended so that the topics discussed on large websites provide resources to our website. How to? The method is certainly very easy, namely by sending a request for an offer in the email of the author or editor via contact. This turned out to be quite effective, of the 100 emails we sent to editors or writers, almost 10% were approved. And this is definitely very good for the development of our website.

The advantage of backlinks is indeed very much, but what we need to be aware of is to see whether the website has good quality or not. If not, then you should never give hope to the website because the quality links will have a negative effect on our own website.

Those are some ways you can find out to get and find good quality backlinks in the eyes of Google. Hopefully, this article can be useful for all of you and please leave a comment if anyone wants to be asked.

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