I am writing about “7 of the Best Blogging Platforms In 2019” in this article. Even though I currently using two blog platforms for blogging, namely WordPress and blogger, but actually there are many platforms that can be used for those who want to have a blog according to their suitability and interests and abilities.

According to a survey that I made small on telegram channels, WordPress and blogger / Blogspot does occupy a high value that is most widely used today.

Whereas if you try searching from several webs that display usage statistics, WordPress still has high interest, ranging from 50% to 61% of blog owners using the WordPress platform, both self-hosted, and non-hosting.


7 Best Blogging Platforms In 2019, here are the Platforms:

    Wordpress is available in 2 versions, self-hosted, where we can download the WordPress engine to be installed on the hosting we already have. Non-hosted WordPress, or commonly known as wordpress.com, where we can directly register for free on the wordpress.com page.
    In the past, we knew him better by the term Blogspot, which is a free blog publishing tool to date. In 1999, this blog platform was established and managed by Pyra Labs, which was later acquired by Google from 2003 until now. If you are a google email user (Gmail), then registering to have a Blogspot account is only enough to access the Blogger page .
    For beginners, this platform is actually very suitable, because it is simple, but has quite rich features, including entering content in the form of images, videos, audio and so on. To register, can directly access the official tumblr page . However, this platform has been blocked from Indonesian internet connections.
  • WIX
    is a cloud-based web development platform and was founded in 2006 by Israel Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami, and Giora Kaplan. To try it, please register directly on WIX.COM .
    Somewhat slightly different from other platforms, Squarespace is a network between readers and writers in a path owned by the developer, SVBTLE. If you often have new ideas that you want to pour online, then this platform will be suitable. Interested in trying? please directly create a Squarespace account .
    Several years ago, I had time to use this platform to create a website (not a blog), even though it was basically the same content filling, but using Joomla was indeed more suitable for building the main website. If you want to try, please read the official documentation through the joomla website .
    you still remember the blog? Well, the usefulness of this Medium is also more or less the same, where we can register as guest writers, who then pour out our writing that can be published on the Medium site. Do you want to try? Please Register .

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In “7 Best Blogging Platforms In 2019” this article I have shared my personal experience, based on information obtained from trying directly, or through surveys or asking about the experiences of other users. This article is not a suggestion that you must use one or all of the platform options above.

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