5 Best Lightweight Android Browser For Smartphone in 2019

Android browser is used to explore sites and find content on the Internet. Lots of Android browsers available free for use by smartphone users freely. Each browser itself has advantages that vary depending on the features provided. Therefore basically the best categories will vary according to the opinions of each individual.

Best browser for Android:

1. Chrome


Chrome is the best Android browser for smartphones or PCs. Indeed, this browser looks ordinary and not different from other browsers, but has several advantages that must be considered why this browser must be installed on the user’s device.

  • Reliable
    Why is reliability so important to users? yes, one of the products from Google can be trusted to maintain privacy and important data both passwords and others. Different from other Android browsers, it is still questionable whether it can be trusted. By using products from Google that have Gmail, this will certainly reduce the risk of things that are not cool.
  • Light and Fast
    Chrome is already famous as a Fast and Light browser, both used on Android or used on PCs. Besides being quick to browse, chrome also has a relatively standard file size so it won’t make memory full.
  • Easy to Understand and Use The
    the appearance that is easily understood by ordinary users makes chrome a very good browser for users who are not very technologically aware. Its simple settings help users more be able to use this browser than other modified browsers.

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2. Puffin


Puffin is not very well known than browsers like Chrome, UC, Mozilla, Opera. But the quality provided by Puffin makes this browser capable of shifting all other browsers as development and updates continue to be provided. How not, the features provided have special characteristics than browsers that currently only favor the Adblock feature which is certainly detrimental to the Publisher. What are the features of the Puffin Browser? The Advantages of Puffin Browser From Other Android Browsers are:

  • Mobile Display and Desktop
    The mobile display may look the same as other browsers, but Puffin has another advantage, namely the Desktop display that is able to display visited websites like when using Windows on a PC. Other browsers also have Desktop View vitur, but loading pages on the website are still less than the puffin. Usually, there is a website that looks chaotic when visited using Mobile View, but this can be overcome only with browser puffin.
  • Unlimited VPNs
    Some sites may be blocked by positive internet, even though the site may not be harmful and does not violate a policy, to overcome this a VPN is needed to access the site. If many VPN applications are offered either free or paid, using Puffin you don’t need to use the VPN application anymore. Just simply install Puffin so you will get unlimited and free VPN for the rest.
  • GamePad for Flash Game
    Puffin can also be used as a browser that can run flash games on Android. For those of you who like to play Flash Games on a website then Puffin Browser is perfect for you because this browser has a Gamepad that can be used for users who want to play flash games on Android.
  • Virtual Mouse
    Like the internet using Windows on a PC, Puffin has a Virtual Mouse feature that can be tried by users. The sensation of surfing using a mouse on Android will feel the difference so users will not click wrong.

3. Rocket Firefox

Rocket Firefox

It is similar to UC Mini and Opera Mini, but it has a different style from other Android browsers. Mozilla Firefox also doesn’t want to be outdone by Developers who favor Adblock on their browsers. This time, Mozilla uses a product called Firefox Rocket, according to its name, this brochure features the speed and loading of sites to be faster when visited.

  • Adblock – Banner, Text, Video and Pop-Up
    Adblock like most browsers, counteract various types of advertisements. Different from UC Browser which is still capable of being attacked by Pop Up ads, Rocket Firefox only has 1 Tab which cannot open other Tabs.
  • Block Image / Image and Video
    In addition to blocking ads, this browser can also block images. For visitors who focus on searching for text content, they will certainly benefit greatly from using this browser. By only loading text on a website internet data usage will also be more durable and loading pages on the website will be faster than other browsers.
  • Low Size App (3MB) The
    size is very minimal, only requires an internal memory capacity of just 3MB so users can install this one browser. The users also will not run out of Internet data because to download it only uses a little data on the Internet.

4. Opera Mini

Opera Mini

Opera Mini, which is currently widely used both on smartphones and on Windows PC, is one of the many browser products used by Internet users. Almost the same as the browser product that puts the Adblock feature. Opera gives Adblock a different type of ad blocker commonly found in smartphone browsers.

  • Adblock – JavaScript & All Ads
    Different from other Adblock, Opera is more violent in blocking ads displayed by a website. Not only advertisements but lots of JavaScript which is also blocked by Opera Mini so that whatever type of advertisement will be blocked by using Opera Mini. Many Android browsers are able to block ads, but all cannot block Redirect Ads, which visitors will be redirected to the ad page. Opera mini is able to win all of that, but having a lack of it can’t be able to load Java Scrip on a website that will make this browser not work on some websites that require activating JavaScript.
  • Small File Size and Quick Site Access
    This one feature is indeed owned by other browsers which has a small app size so that installation doesn’t take up much memory space and a lot of internet data. Site access will be faster than other browsers because Opera Mini blocks JavaScrip which plays an important role on the website so that the display is more optimal.
  • Monitoring Internet Data Usage
    By using Opera Mini you can see less data usage than other browsers. For those of you who often save on Internet data packages, it will be very effective if you use Opera Mini to surf in the Online World.

5. ADM (Advance Download Manager)

ADM (Advance Download Manager)

ADM is basically a Download Manager intended for Android devices. But apart from being an ADM download manager it also has browser features that are wrong with other browsers. The browser on ADM is also not inferior to other types of Android browsers. Like the main function in this application, ADM has the main function as a download file.

  • Browsing + Download Manager
    In addition to having the main function as a download manager, you can also surf as well as using other browsers. If there is a file that will be downloaded, it will automatically be asked to the user both the download format and how the process will take place.
  • Download Large Files
    Using ADM as browsing, when you download files, you will immediately use ADM. The file will be split into several parts, so the download process will be faster.
  • Multiple Download and Download the Speed ​​Manager
    ADM is also able to download many files and adjust the speed of each download. So that the file you want to finish quickly can be given more speed than the other files.
  • Download Schedule
    For those of you who don’t want to download the file at that time, there is also an option to add files that will be downloaded or users can also schedule the Download file process. But for those of you who have internet access that is more stable and fast at night, of course, the schedule at night will be more effectively used when downloading. As an example, your download hour is scheduled at 01.00 so you don’t need to wake up to download the file. If the process has been scheduled for this time, it will automatically download as working on the server.

These are some browsers that are highly recommended for smartphone users. Each Android browser has its own advantages so the best category is very relative depending on the use and interests of each individual. For those of you who have other recommendations, please leave your opinion commented so that it can be used as a reference for smartphone users.

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