4 Tips for Protecting Children from Online Games

Children are now familiar with online gaming and online gaming tools.However, engrossed in a game involving the Internet certainly invites a risk to their self-security. Interactions with strangers in cyberspace can harm children’s lives.

As a parent, it is imperative to control and guide their children to stay safe in play and make intelligent decisions about the online game. Below are offered a number of tips that can be used as a ‘fence’ to protect your baby from the dangers of online games:

Online security

The first thing to do is to follow the basic rules of online security. What is that? In cyberspace, the information we have should not be discarded especially if the information is personal. This applies in the realm of online games. Avoid posting full names, home addresses, phone numbers and any identifiable data.

Use voice mask

In the online game, there is a live voice chat service. Well, if the player decides to use live voice chat feature, it is recommended to use voice mask. This program is issued by Microsoft and a number of companies to protect online gamers. With the program, gamers can disguise their voice for gender or age they are not recognized. The voice of the game can be changed into the robot voice, adults or other sounds they choose. Surely this is very useful for young gamers or female gamers to avoid harassment or other bad acts.

Do not use the live voice chat feature

If the voice mask program is not considered safe, then the next tips are preferably not at all using the live voice chat feature. In fact, most gamer’s do not use this service because it is considered to interfere with concentration. Others, however, use it with certain goals in which they are to be wary of. Gamer’s who prefer to chat rather than a game should be avoided.

Parental control

Not all online game devices are equipped with parental control. As parents should underline it. For Xbox, the technology has been crammed with parental controls allowing parents to manage whether their baby is fit to use live voice chat or not. Whereas if the purchased device does not have this control, then parents are encouraged to pay attention to what the game system offers so as not to pose a risk to the security of its users.

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