10 Best Ways To Generate Traffic Without SEO

10 Best Ways To Generate Traffic Without SEO

Having keywords, whether long-tailed or not, who has a high ranking in SERP is a blessing that is unmatched for any online business. Everyone who runs an online business would want to be on the top page of Google.

However, quite a number of online businesses are suffering from the update of Google algorithms such as E-bay where their rankings are dropping on Google. Not close the possibility of more and more online businesses that suffer the same fate.

The fact is most small companies will never have a good ranking on Google and they are wasting their time only focusing on the SERP. The days that remind us of David who defeated Goliath are nothing more than mere memories.

If you do not have the budget to create content and build back links better than your competitors, you will never beat them in the search result. If you are a newcomer to an already crowded niche or a lot of players, you will need a long time.

Instead of spending energy worrying and afraid of not getting traffic from Google, immediately find a way out. Do not rely on only one traffic flow, you need some traffic flow that can bring more visitors to your site and also as a protection from renewal algorithmic search engine in the future.

Here are 10 best ways to generate traffic without Google:

1. Blog Comments:

There are many top-notch blogs in your niche that get hundreds and even thousands of visitors every day. The most appropriate way to comment on a blog is to read the writing as a whole and if you are something useful or useful, give a comment.

The purpose of commenting is not to include links, but add value to a conversation and grow your network. Use your real name, some readers will definitely click your profile to get to know you further.

Tip: if you have content on your site related to that post, use the URL as a link. This is much better than you enter a link from the homepage of your site.

2. Content Aggregator:

Create great content and Google will reward you with traffic, right? Maybe, if you have a trusted website, established, and authority. However, what if your blog or website just created? The trick is to enter your content in aggregate content known, where many people will see it.

Some well-known aggregator content:

Alltop is a collection of various blogs or online magazine sites on the internet

BizSugar.com is a community of small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Growth Hacker is a community of online marketing techniques

Hacker News is a social news website that caters to the needs of programmers and entrepreneurs

Inbound.org is a website sharing and discussion of content and online marketing ideas

For in Indonesia, you can post articles on content aggregator like Lintas.me

Tips: Pay attention to the rules that apply and do not submit articles that are not related to the aggregator site. Make sure the content is original, high quality, and not content not just your self-promotion only.

3. Comment on the Forum:

As you read this article, there are many conversations happening on the internet related to your niche. Joining and starting discussion forums can generate instant traffic.

Just like commenting on a blog, it’s not about entering links, but more to engaging a conversation and adding value to the conversation. Make sure you log into the right forum because this can trigger a large number of visits to your site. Maybe you can visit a big forum like Kaskus.

Tips: Join the appropriate forums, take note of the rules that apply, and be a real member of the community. Avoid self-promotion is excessive and not important because this can be your boomerang later. If you provide helpful information on the forum, people will come by themselves.

4. Google Plus:

Google+ is a social media that can provide a strong social signal. Google plus can give you lots of traffic even if you do not have a follower.

Tips: Join the many communities here. Engage with other members by providing useful information and +1 them. Once you start to be known and become a trusted person in this community, then you can post useful article links and other related blog posts.

5. Guest Blogging:

Matt Cutts’ statement in his article “The Decay and Fall of Guest Blogging for SEO” much-misconstrued people that guest blogging was dead. Actually not at all. Cutts’ intent in the article is, “if you use guest blogging to get links in 2014, you’d better stop doing it immediately.”

Guest Blogging has nothing to do with the link – guest blogging is a way of increasing traffic. If your content appears on a well-known blog, you can achieve two things:

  • You form an authority on your niche.
  • Some readers of that blog will find out your product or service and become your customer.

6. Q & A:

Q & A sites like Quora and Yahoo Answer offers great opportunities to generate high traffic and targeted traffic. If you can provide real solutions to real problems too, you will probably have customers willing to use your solution for the rest of their lives. At least, you do something good.

Tip: Do not spam on this site by asking and answering questions yourself. Your goal in doing this is to provide useful information and drive traffic.

7. Reddit:

If you can find a relevant niche or subreddit that has thousands of subscribers and traffic, then Reddit is the choice you should use. The key is to create relevant content into the subreddit. At least there are some people who will read your content, click on your site, and buy your product/service if it is appropriate.

In Reddit, there are unique rules that you should know and follow. You are not allowed to link to your site without explanation or useful content.

Participating in the community is important, so give comments to others. Reddit has a voting system, so the more you post, the better your chances of increasing the score. Conversely, if your content is ugly and your voting down, your score will also decrease. Build a good reputation.

Tips: Try doing research on sub-Reddit what kind of posts like get up vote front page. Once you know the pattern, create your own version that matches the good post model. There is no guarantee that you post you can enter page one, but with trial and error, the possibility will continue to increase.

8. Social Media:

For most people, Facebook is the best platform to get traffic. The formula is quite simple, optimize your Facebook profile and insert a link to your site. Provide useful, fun content every day.

Tips: Depending on your niche, Twitter, Vine, Instagram is a proven platform to drive traffic successfully.

9. YouTube:

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet, processing over 3 billion searches per month. Maybe YouTube can be spelled bigger than a combination of Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and AOL.

The videos that perform best for eCommerce websites are How-To and Tutorial videos. Niche videos can also drive a lot of traffic.

Tips: You can read Brian Dean’s article on 5 Advanced YouTube SEO Tactics to drive more traffic to your videos and website

10. Email:


Email is one marketing channel that can generate high conversions. You can read the full guide using email from the experts to understand it in depth.

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